How One Plumber Achieved Success with Plumbers Apps

How One Plumber Achieved Success with Plumbers Apps

Published on: 29-10-2014 | by Misty in Master Plumbers, Plumbers Apps, paperless

We all love success stories. Here is a success story that should inspire you all to work harder, and teach you that success is part hard work and also part decision-making. In other words, the decisions you make particularly in investments for your business can bring you success.

It All Started as a Hobby

It was simply just a hobby for master plumber Jake from New York. He and his two friends decided to start a small plumbing business and initially just worked for friends who needed some plumbing repaired or made in their apartments in the financial district. It was easy for Jake and his two friends to manage the business because it was only the three of them and the tasks that they had undertaken have not yet increased in number and urgency. However, thanks to the innate talents and business senses of the three of them, they started getting more clients than they can handle.

The Hobby Grew and Required New Tools

So what was the next logical step for Jake? They had to hire more people to join them and, with people spread out across numerous tasks across the Big Apple, they needed some way of being able to remotely monitor how the tasks are doing. It was simply impractical, even with the three of them, to try and undertake this task without a tool or something. They needed an ‘Eye’ that will allow them to see what everyone is doing even without having to be physically present at the site.

Then Jake heard about Master Plumbers So he scheduled a presentation for himself and his two partners, and they were pleased to know that these apps provide a paperless solution that allowed them not only to achieve efficient monitoring from a remote location. Not only that, for an affordable monthly stipend, they can enjoy excellent returns as well as great savings from paper expenses. Without hesitation, Jake and his partners immediately signed up for a corporate account and started implementing the app on their rapidly growing team of master plumbers.

“With Plumbers Apps in place on our team leaders’ mobile devices, things began to fall into place,” Jake recalls. “My partners and I were very pleased with the ease in which we could monitor our teams and the depth of the information that we could access in the app’s Dashboard.” The best thing for Jake and his friends, however, is the paperless system that the app puts into place. “No sense now having too much paper in the office – we might just catch a fire!”

Do you also want to succeed in your own plumbing business like Jake? Then all you should do is to reach out to us, and we will be happy to sit down and have a consultation with you for free.

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