How Plumbers App Makes Plumbing Safe and Easy

How Plumbers App Makes Plumbing Safe and Easy

Published on: 22-10-2014 | by Misty in Plumbers App, Plumbers Apps, App for Plumbers, Plumbers Software, digital forms, paperless

Plumbing is not without its dangers. Of course, it is a lot safer than natural gas fitters but some mistakes can still be costly in plumbing. What if one of your plumbers accidentally hit a pipe while digging to expose that very same pipe? You would have to replace that pipe free of charge and, worse, your client might just get angry at you for giving them additional problems.

That very same scenario can also bog down the productivity of your plumbers. To help you with this concern, we would like to introduce Plumbers App – a solution that ensures safety, productivity, and many other things for your plumbing business.

Safety and Productivity for Plumbers

First order of business is safety. How do you ensure that your plumbers know what they are doing and that they do not accidentally hit a pipe? You give them access to the client’s plumbing plans. If this is an existing client who has filled up a client intake form for you, then you can use the App’s Resources Center to make these plans available to your team. The Plumbers App is 100% mobile – your teams only need their mobile devices to access everything that they need from digital forms to digitalized resources that would otherwise need paper. This feature allows you to be assured that your plumbers are able to do their work safely without damaging pipes or other fixtures at the site, simply because they know where not to hit too hard with the crowbar.

Now on to productivity. Ensuring productivity is more about making certain that everyone is doing their jobs at the best pace possible and, if there are delays, there is a reasonable cause behind. Without Plumbers Apps, however, you would not be able to ensure that transparency no matter how hard you may try. With digital forms that also double as task reports, you can remotely monitor your field teams with increased efficiency and effectiveness. You can, for example, view a Timeline of reports that each team makes so you can tell how long they took to accomplish one task. If the turnaround time is too long, you can simply request a report.

Other Concerns the App Can Address

Like we mentioned earlier, safety and productivity are not the only things that the App for Plumbers can make possible for your plumbing business. For starters, it can help you realize savings! It is a 100% paperless solution – with the Plumbers Software on your side, you can say goodbye to huge expenses on paper that has been weighing you down for years.

Discover how Plumbers App can help you sustain the growth that you are seeing from your plumbing business. Take our tour today!

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