How Software for Plumbers Improves Workflow with Paperless Report Automation

How Software for Plumbers Improves Workflow with Paperless Report Automation

Published on: 19-11-2014 | by Misty in Software for Plumbers, Plumbers Software, Plumber Apps, Master Plumbers, paperless, mobile forms

When your business starts to grow, you become busier as well. Tasks that you normally have time to undertake will no longer be feasible. You simply have no time! When you have numerous clients or investors for your plumbing business, it might be difficult for you to ensure that they receive the necessary reports that they require on time. Add to that is the fact that they have to receive reports that are not only timely, but also accurate. Reporting is a big part of your business and will affect your image as a business that your customers can rely on for information.

Investors, especially, are particular about receiving reports about the status of their investment, and will start to worry if you don’t send them their reports at the right time. Of course, delays can sometimes be possible but too much of that and you will no longer appear reliable to anyone.

How Do You Solve This?

The solution to this dilemma is simply to automate your reports using Software for Plumbers. Automation is necessary in this case, because you are now too busy to ensure the submission of these reports. If you have staff handling this task, automation will also help them become more productive. They will be able to work on paperless reports for a specific recipient in advance and then move on to another report so they can accomplish more with the help of the software.

Another scenario where automation using the Plumbers Software can be helpful is when you have a meeting with a client and you need to have those reports ready by that time. When the report has been automated and scheduled for sending to you on that day itself, you can be assured that you have the information you need for that meeting ready. In other words, you won’t go to the meeting half-prepared and without the ammunition that you need.

This amazing paperless reporting is done using mobile forms that are sent by your staff into the Cloud. From the Cloud, your reporting staff can then collate the data and assemble that into another Form that will be sent to you whenever you require it. Because there is no paperwork involved, it is easier and faster for you or your staff to assemble the required report. There’s no reason why reports would be delayed when you’re using Software for Plumbers to prepare those.

Other Features of the Software

Report automation, of course, is not the only thing you can do with the Plumber Apps and its mobile forms.

You can also achieve:
• Easy information sharing between you and your clients via the Resources e-Library;
• Remote staff management using the Management Portal;
• Easy assignment of paperless jobs with the Dispatcher function; and
• Image uploading and tagging.

There are many other ways that Master Plumbers can help you grow your business. Find out how Software for Plumbers improves workflow with paperless report automation. Take our tour today!

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