Master Plumbers App Maximizes Cloud Computing for Businesses

Master Plumbers App Maximizes Cloud Computing for Businesses

Published on: 05-11-2014 | by Misty in Master Plumbers App, Plumbers App, Plumbers Software, App for Plumbers, Master Plumbers, paperless, digital forms

SYDNEY, Australia October 2014 – Having a reliable and secure storage system is instrumental to management in today’s highly digital world. To answer that, Formitize has come up with the ideal solution every master plumber should have for his business. The company, known for its revolutionary mobile apps for business management, has released Master Plumbers App – a custom-built mobile solution that will not only address the master plumber’s storage needs but also its document management requirements.

What Does The App Do?

The app is a Cloud-based mobile solution that is handy for the reporting and document management needs of Master Plumbers everywhere. When master plumbers submit a file or a report, it goes straight to a Web-based Management Portal that can be accessed using a conventional laptop, desktop computer, or even a mobile device. The use of Cloud Computing technology opens up a door of benefits and opportunities for the master plumbers’ business.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing with the App

Cloud Computing is very ideal for business applications because it offers these capabilities:

1. Centralized location for reports and files
By implementing Cloud Computing, the Plumbers App simplifies the storage requirements and reduces the difficulty in accessing any information. For instance, Cloud Computing makes paperless reports possible. Plumbers on the field simply fill up pre-created digital forms as reports and submit them to the management portal. They can access the reports directly through the cloud instead of having to go through the hassles of a non-centralized location.

2. Work with or without Internet connection
While making a separate investment in mobile Internet can be a good idea, the master plumber doesn’t necessarily have to do so when he has the Plumbers Software at his disposal. The paperless reports are automatically submitted or synced to the cloud when there is Internet connection available; for instance, when the plumber enters an establishment with free Wi-Fi network.

3. Access files and reports anywhere
Master Plumbers can also access the files and reports that they need to work with anywhere that there is an Internet connection. This takes away the previous constraints that they had to work with. They can access the Management Portal using a laptop or a desktop. Indirectly, the App for Plumbers and Cloud Computing can also make it easy for master plumbers to organize their files.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “There is definitely a plethora of opportunities for savings, transparency, and efficiency in the master plumbers’ workspace when they decide to invest in Master Plumbers for their company. Their load becomes much lighter and their systems become more organized.”

Discover how to make most out of cloud computing with Master Plumbers App. Take our tour today!

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