Why Plumber Apps Is the Ideal Business Solution for You

Why Plumber Apps Is the Ideal Business Solution for You

Published on: 26-11-2014 | by Misty in Plumber Apps, Software for Plumbers, Apps for Plumbers, Master Plumbers App, paperless, digital forms, mobile workforce, mobile forms

Every businessman wants to improve the capabilities of his employees and, by extension, the whole company itself. As a master plumber, you must have been looking for ways to boost your team’s productivity and gain more clients as well. You might have been waiting years for the right tool but you might be happy to know that the technology you have been looking for is already here.

Have you always wondered how you can introduce transparency into your business? Or have you thought long and hard on how you can make workflows more efficient so that your teams of plumbers are, theoretically, able to tackle more jobs every day? Most of all, do you continue to devise and create a system of reporting that is speedy and as close to real time as possible? You need not wonder anymore because now the Plumber Apps are here to help you out.

What Can These Apps Do?

In a nutshell, they can do everything that you have been dreaming of for your plumbing business. You can now make possible that system that you have wanted to implement long ago but you didn’t have the means or technology to do so.

For instance, you can now implement a totally paperless reporting system. Instead of requiring them to fill up paperwork to be submitted at the end of day, your field teams can simply log in to the app using a mobile device, retrieve their assigned digital forms – which also doubles as task assignments – and fill it up when the job is done. As a last step, they simply send that report over through the Cloud and into the Portal, where you can look at the reports when you need to. Because the entire process relies on a mobile device, the reporting process alone becomes a few minutes shorter than before. This means your field teams save time, boost their efficiency, and, by extension, increase productivity.

Second, Software for Plumbers provides you with a Portal from which you can access every piece of information that you want about your teams’ working day. Do you want to know how many tasks they have accomplished so far? You can easily see that in the Portal. How many hours did each task take? Did they run into problems? The paperless reports that they have sent will give you that insight and you need not spend hours to get that information as well. Have you aspired for full mobile workforce transparency? The Apps for Plumbers will give it to you. If you have been looking for a business solution that can hit three birds with one stone, this app certainly is it.

The Ideal Business Solution for You

The paperless reporting process is in real time. The moment that the mobile forms are sent, you will receive it right away. There is no more waiting for end of day reports that were not even 100% transparent. The micromanagement made possible by the Master Plumbers App is every businessman’s dream.

Discover how you can fully take advantage of paperless reporting and other great features of Plumber Apps. Take our tour today!

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